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Dove Collection


In thick and plush Turkish terry, our signature collection provides

a feather soft warm embrace for your discerning customers.

Luxuriously designed and engineered for comfort and

impeccably styled for elegance, Micro - Cotton Towels are the

next generation towels.

Molto Soffice  |  Puro Doppia

Molto Soffice

Luxurious with its each embrace, it’s the towel you would choose for its sophisticated silky ultra soft finish. With a lustrous sheen in micro cotton, it gives a spa-like feel to your guests’ bathing experience. Twice as bulky due to its incredible loft, it is absorbent yet surprisingly light with a softness that lives through the life-cycle of the towel.

Puro Doppia

Welcome a refreshing & innovative drying experience with Puro Doppia. On one side Puro Doppia is made with sensuously soft micro cotton, gentle & comforting for pore relaxation. On the other side, a strong texture provides an invigorating and effective drying experience.

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