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Over Duvet for the First Class Guests of Jet Airways

Kantha is a classic form of Indian embroidery. Inspired by nature and its elements, the art captures the essence of Indian folklore and culture. Intricately stitched, each 'taka'(stitch) holds the ethos of refined local artistry

With luxury and lush it holds the comfort and tranquility of a home. It makes you feel relaxed, at the same time appears sophisticated and tasteful.

An over duvet exclusively designed for Jet Airways first class guests.


Engineered to provide comfort, warmth and privacy, Jet Airways First Class Cabins are compact yet regal in design. Our primary source of inspiration came from the night sky mood lighting arrayed within the cabins.

Among all the motifs and patterns that are a part of Kantha’s vocabulary ‘Tara Chutki’ meaning starburst. resonated well with the space.

Designed to appeal, Made for comfort

Reflective of
space, a white and gold color scheme
provides a pleasing contrast against the
interiors. The inspiration behind the
palette was to create a product that
looked majestic and ethereal, evoking
a contemporary sense of sacred ritual
that elevates the experience to
divine heights.



Building a bank of ideas through engagement with culture & history, investigation of local textiles, interaction with craftsmen and participating in workshops.


Spatial interaction led to understanding of ergonomics and anthropometrics. Cabin’s structure, its lighting vocabulary, its color schemes play a decisive role in design and development of the product.


Inspired out of ‘Tara Chutki’ (Starburst) Motif of Kantha, a panel of embroidery has been strategically placed at the bottom of the quilt.

The Making

The idea was to make a product with sensible aesthetics for everyday use and routine. Natural fibers were preferred over synthetic ones. Fine yarns were seeded to weave the fabric. The wadding of the product consists of a conjugated dry fiber to achieve additional bounce. Size and weight of the product also played an important role during the development stage.

Quilting patterns and embroideries were juxtaposed with each other to achieve balance and concordance. All of this was achieved without making it a dry cleanable product. The over duvet is a complete washable product.

Inspired by the craftmanship of India, coupled with

research and manufacturing intelligence, a product

developed an immersive design experience.